Sunday, 26 August 2012

Game review - SPORE!

This game is so COOL! Its about   e v o l u t i o n

When I started spore I thought 'This game is easy!' but then I moved on to the tribal stage (it goes: cell -> creature -> tribal -> civilisation -> space) and I got pommeled like a grape. The Cyan tribe hated me, They attacked me, Stole from me when I was Out at another tribe making peace and killed me off TWICE! That doesn't happen when I play...

I made this little creature myself :D
In Spore you make EVERYTHING!!!! The creatures, cars, planes, boats, spaceships and Houses! It wasn't  expensive at all... £20 I think.
I got a add-on with it though. Its called 'Creepy and Cute'. you get new stuff like legs and eyes and arms and... I better stop!


Single player- AMAZING!
Multi player- N/A but there is sharing creations
Create mode - AMAZING!!!!! AMAZING!!!

Age- 12+

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Wheels - Review

Happy Wheels is a VERY gory game. I don't advise playing it...

Notice my leg...
I started off thinking Ill do a rope swing... so I found one and when I got to the 2nd rope my arms fell off in a shower of blood. I played it for 10 minutes. It may be gory, But its addictive! The levels where you don't die are the best. Here is a screen shot off me playing.
You can create and share levels. Creating levels are usually tricky. The game is located on a website called:

OverAll Results 
Make stuff 3D is hard -_-

Story - N/A
Community - LOADS!
Create mode - Terrible
Quality - Excellent

Age - N/A (it should be 24)
Includes - Violence, Violence,Violence and GORE!
Network - Interwebs!

Rating - 5/10

Friday, 10 August 2012

New Minecraft Status!

Minecraft Status is a weekly thing about Minecraft!

I will be doing a minecraft status usually every week!


SEED OF THE WEEK - 14263=23.

comment on more stuff that you want!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Hamster - Nibbles

My Friends way of keeping nibbles in when we're away!
My Hamster is a notorious creature...

Nibbles is getting fat and I mean fat! My hamster has Escaped Many times... sometimes we have to lock his cage with a keyring but when some one doesn't know how to use it, He did this instead!
Well, Nibbles is getting old... he has passed out recently and can be shaky. I just hope when nibbles dies and my Dad finds out before I do that he doesn't do what he did with my fish... He walked in and said "Son! How many fish do you have?" and I answered with 3 then he said in a cheery voice "Nope! 2!"... that was the most terrible day I have had.

Nibbles in golf ball mode