Sunday, 23 September 2012

Some bad news...

Remember Nibbles? Well... he was put down not that long ago.

He's not dead. Just sleeping
Nibbles had a growth on his stomach and had to get put down while I was away. We made a coffin out of a old biscuit box and turned it outside in and drew pictures on it. I can't get the picture off the camera but here is when we started to think he was unwell. Im sure he'll use the big hamster wheels in heven.

May he rest

Sorry if this upset you. Kevin was there (long story). :, )

Sunday, 2 September 2012



Tell me in the comments what should go here... :-/

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Game review - SPORE!

This game is so COOL! Its about   e v o l u t i o n

When I started spore I thought 'This game is easy!' but then I moved on to the tribal stage (it goes: cell -> creature -> tribal -> civilisation -> space) and I got pommeled like a grape. The Cyan tribe hated me, They attacked me, Stole from me when I was Out at another tribe making peace and killed me off TWICE! That doesn't happen when I play...

I made this little creature myself :D
In Spore you make EVERYTHING!!!! The creatures, cars, planes, boats, spaceships and Houses! It wasn't  expensive at all... £20 I think.
I got a add-on with it though. Its called 'Creepy and Cute'. you get new stuff like legs and eyes and arms and... I better stop!


Single player- AMAZING!
Multi player- N/A but there is sharing creations
Create mode - AMAZING!!!!! AMAZING!!!

Age- 12+

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Wheels - Review

Happy Wheels is a VERY gory game. I don't advise playing it...

Notice my leg...
I started off thinking Ill do a rope swing... so I found one and when I got to the 2nd rope my arms fell off in a shower of blood. I played it for 10 minutes. It may be gory, But its addictive! The levels where you don't die are the best. Here is a screen shot off me playing.
You can create and share levels. Creating levels are usually tricky. The game is located on a website called:

OverAll Results 
Make stuff 3D is hard -_-

Story - N/A
Community - LOADS!
Create mode - Terrible
Quality - Excellent

Age - N/A (it should be 24)
Includes - Violence, Violence,Violence and GORE!
Network - Interwebs!

Rating - 5/10

Friday, 10 August 2012

New Minecraft Status!

Minecraft Status is a weekly thing about Minecraft!

I will be doing a minecraft status usually every week!


SEED OF THE WEEK - 14263=23.

comment on more stuff that you want!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Hamster - Nibbles

My Friends way of keeping nibbles in when we're away!
My Hamster is a notorious creature...

Nibbles is getting fat and I mean fat! My hamster has Escaped Many times... sometimes we have to lock his cage with a keyring but when some one doesn't know how to use it, He did this instead!
Well, Nibbles is getting old... he has passed out recently and can be shaky. I just hope when nibbles dies and my Dad finds out before I do that he doesn't do what he did with my fish... He walked in and said "Son! How many fish do you have?" and I answered with 3 then he said in a cheery voice "Nope! 2!"... that was the most terrible day I have had.

Nibbles in golf ball mode

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Server Events - Minecraft

Here are some server events going on in Minecraft!

This Week In Minecraft - logo contest - ip:

FranticMe! - N/A - ip:

EmpireMinecraft - N/A - ip:

CastleKingdom - N/A - ip: