Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to record your desktop | Mac | PC

I found a desktop recorder that is a little bit laggy but free and easy-to-use!

If you have a mac you can use quicktime player. It will record your desktop until you want it to stop. it is self-explanatory! Quicktime Player comes built in on mac!

If you use PC I found one called Bandicam. You can get a free version with the watermark and limited time on each movie, the official version has no watermark, Unlimited time and more!
Here's the link:

Thanks to this stuff, The series of Minecraft is coming up! My review next is LBP2! Do YOU have any suggestions of games I should review?


  1. Great blog. My son will love this info. I'll pass it on. :)

  2. Does anyone want a game reviewed?


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